The Jewish cemetery of Beirut, Lebanon

Welcome to the Jewish cemetery in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Many visitors of Beirut would never think that this city actually has a very old Jewish cemetery, which is located right on Sodeco square near the district of Ashrafiyeh. The cemetery is closed off to the public since many years, but it is possible to see some of the tombstones from Damascus road from the outside. Even the head of the Jewish committee in Lebanon, Isaac Arazi (who lives in France permanently) is not allowing any visitors inside, so I was really lucky to get these shots.


The location of the cemetery within Beirut.

The cemetery is generally in a bad shape, as it is not being maintained anymore. Plants and vegetation have taken over most of the plot, and a whole tree can be seen rotting across several graves in the first picture. Some tombstones have been damaged by individuals, but generally the graves are in an okay condition, probably due to closure of the cemetery to the public.

Plants have taken back most of the cemetery.